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Oct 12, 2017

Join the Revolution. Become the Author of Your Life Typically, we store our past in haphazard collection, allowing us to see disconnected fragments. This heap of memories can’t provide wisdom, or lessons, and certainly can’t provide a road map to the future.By creatively finding your Story, you develop a pathway from the painful parts, through courage and trials, to the more satisfying parts. Like all good stories, your memoir ends at a higher point than when it started. Start Now to Courageously Overcome the Blank Page To share your story, you must overcome obstacles that stand in your way. Without a boss telling you to sit and write, tap into your own deep well of creativity, overcome self-doubts, resolve conflicting priorities, and find your voice. Read How to Become a Heroic Writer to learn techniques to travel this heroic journey. For more information log on to (HTTPS:// (